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Lunch With A Friend

I had lunch with my friend Chad this week.  He has attended Bethel with his family for about 8 years.  Several of our children are close in age and they’ve grown up together at Bethel.  I always look forward to these lunches.  Without fail, I walk away encouraged and refreshed. We get together consistently to…

Allowing God to change our perspective.

Lens Crafter

  There is nothing like a conversation with a friend that energizes you and reminds you of your purpose.  Today, I had a conversation like that.  This friend said, “I love it that time has made you better, the struggles you have faced have not made you bitter.” We make choices…everyday.  These choices make us…

Re worship 3

In Her Own Words

It never gets old seeing the power of God transform a person.  It’s been my privilege to see many people come to Christ at Bethel.  I’m not just talking about responding to an altar call.  I’m talking about surrendering to Jesus  for real! I’m talking about watching a person become more like Jesus day by…

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